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The Cumberland County Children’s Advocacy Center models, promotes, and delivers excellence in child abuse response and prevention through service, education, and leadership.

Child abuse hurts everyone.

WHAT WE DOblueline

We provide a safe, neutral, and child centered place for the coordinated evaluation of child sexual abuse. A team of professionals , including law enforcement, child protection, and prosecution, work together to make decisions about the investigation and management of child sexual abuse cases.

The CAC model:

Reduces the number of times that a child has to tell his/her story.

Offers specially trained health care professionals on site to offer medical examinations to ensure the child’s health.

Provides an opportunity to talk with investigating professionals together.

Assists with referrals for mental health and advocacy services.

Ensures that a child and his/her family is not further victimized by the investigative process.

WHO WE AREpinkline

The CCCAC is a collaboration of agencies, including law enforcement, child protection, prosecution, medical, mental health and advocacy.


Support Services:

Our Family Services Facilitator provides support to the child and his/her guardian during their time at the CAC, including answering questions about the investigative process, listening to concerns and making referrals for appropriate follow up services

Child Interview:

A trained forensic interview specialist asks the child questions about the alleged abuse while team members observe. The child protective social worker will assess the immediate safety of the child and the law enforcement investigator and assistant district attorney will determine if a crime has been committed.

Medical Evaluation:

Access to specialized medical examinations is available on site at the CCCAC.

WHO WE’RE FORgreenline

CCCAC is for children in Cumberland County who may have experienced sexual abuse.


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Cumberland County Children’s Advocacy Center is housed at the Spurwink Child Abuse Program

778 Main Street
South Portland, Maine 04106

*Appointments at the CCCAC must be made by Law Enforcement, Child Protective Services, or the District Attorney’s Office. If you suspect that a child is being abused, a report should be made to Child Protective Services hotline at 1.800.452.1999