Frequently Asked Questions

What should I tell my child about the visit to the CAC?blueline

Children are the most comfortable when they have been informed about what to expect. It is important to explain to your child that he/she will be meeting with someone to talk about what has happened to him/her. You should not tell your child what to say, but you can encourage them to tell the truth. Some children may need to be reassured that they have done nothing wrong.

Can I sit with my child during the interview?pinkline

Parents do not sit with their child during the interview. Although it can be difficult for children to talk about what has happened, most children are comfortable in separating from their parents and talking with the forensic interviewer.

Can I sit with the team during the Interview?greenline

Parents do not observe the child interview with team. Since this interview is for an investigation, the Team members need to carefully observe and assess the interview and would be unable to respond to your concerns or questions during that time. You will be able to meet with the Team after the interview to hear about what happened and to ask any questions.

Can I be with my child during the medical exam?blueline

YES. You are able to be with your child during the medical exam.  The medical provider will meet with the parent/guardian first to gather some information while the child waits with the Family Services Faciliator.

How many times will my child be interviewed?

pinklineOne goal of the CAC is to decrease the number of times that a child has to be interviewed by professionals about the abuse. The interview will be video recorded to avoid multiple interviews. However, your child may choose to speak about his/her experiences with family or counselors as a way to cope with feelings about what happened.

Child abuse hurts everyone. 

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Cumberland County Children’s Advocacy Center is housed at the Spurwink Child Abuse Program

17 Bishop Street
Portland, Maine 04103
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* Appointments at the CCCAC must be made by Law Enforcement  Child Protective Services, or the District Attorney’s Office. If you suspect that a child is being abused, a report should be made to the Child Protective Services  hotline at 1.800.452.1999 or your local Law Enforcement office.